Sven’s Crunchy Pavlova at the Silver Spur Steakhouse

Treat yourself to a gourmet moment with this pavlova recipe inspired by Frozen!

The recipe

Ingrédient :

French meringue 

  • 100g egg whites (about 4 eggs) 
  • 200g fine caster sugar 

Red fruits compote 

  • 400g mixed red fruits (frozen)  
  • 200g pitted cherries   
  • 80g caster sugar  
  • 8g cornflour 
  • 4g cinnamon tubes  
  • 4g water  

Mascarpone whipped cream 

  • 40cl single cream  
  • 55g icing sugar 
  • 160g mascarpone 
  • Vanilla flavouring 

Chocolate decorations (Sven antlers + leaf) 

  • 100g dark chocolate (Sven antlers) 
  • 100g “couverture chocolate”  
  • 40g Vegetable oil  


  • Vanilla chestnut cream

Step 1 – French meringue 

Preheat the oven to 100°C 

Beat the egg whites until they are stiff.  

Add the sugar three times, until you get a firm meringue. 

On baking or greaseproof paper, pipe out 9cm diameter disks using a fluted-nozzle piping bag*. 

Bake at 100°C for between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 mins. 

Step 2 – Chocolate decorations (Sven antlers) 

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie. Put it in a fine-nozzled piping bag or a cone** 

On a sheet of rhodoid (plastic) or greaseproof paper, make the decoration in the desired shape (Sven’s antlers).  

Step 3 – Red fruits compote 

Mix the red fruits, cherries, sugar and cinnamon in a saucepan. Bring to the boil and cook for 1 minute. Thicken the cornflour with water, then add to the fruit mixture.  

Mix well and cook for 1 minute. Remove and cool. 

Step 4 – Mascarpone whipped cream 

Put the mascarpone in the mixer bowl with a little cream to soften it, then add the rest of the cream. Whisk the cream, then thicken it with the icing sugar. Add the vanilla flavouring. Pipe out using a piping bag with a size 14 or 16* fluted nozzle. 

Step 5 – Melted chocolate for the leaf decoration 

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie, then add the vegetable oil and set aside. 

Step 6 – Plating 

Make a leaf (maple style) at the bottom of the plate. 

Tip: You can make a “leaf” stencil by cutting the shape into greaseproof paper. 

Place the “leaf” stencil at the bottom of the plate and dab with melted chocolate using the tip of a brush.  

Arrange a meringue disk and pipe a border of whipped cream around it. Place the red fruits compote in the centre. Then cover with whipped cream.  

Place the chestnut cream in a cone** or a piping bag in a thin line on the top of whipped cream. Insert the 2 reindeer antlers. Place a spoonful of red fruits compote at the edge. 

* If you do not have a piping bag, use a freezer bag and cut a hole in the end of it. 
** In cookery (especially baking) a cone is a small piping bag, made from greaseproof paper. It is used to create delicate patterns and decorations. 

The Restaurant

Silver Spur Steakhouse offers the chance to relax and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of this Frontierland restaurant, while the chef prepares delicious dishes on the grill. Dark wood panelling, leather chairs and patterned rugs recreate the charm of a late-nineteenth century American member’s club! 

To mark the Frozen Celebrationthe Silver Spur Steakhouse offered guests this dessert inspired by the adorable Sven. Now it’s your turn to get involved! 

Did you know?

Each Silver Spur Steakhouse lantern features the restaurant logo and a carved spur.  

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